PASSOVERSari Srulovitch / Collection / Holidays / Passover

The shape of the square or round matzah inform these designs. The family is represented by the symbol of the “Tree of Life”, echoing the Passover story told from one generation to another – (V’hegadetach)....


CHANUKASari Srulovitch / Collection / Holidays / Chanuka

My search for an innovative way to depict the symbol of the menorah can be seen in many of my designs. In some, I extracted solid material, in order to bring in the light that is constantly...

Rosh Hashana

ROSH HASHANASari Srulovitch / Collection / Holidays / Rosh Hashana

Honey and apple trays for Rosh Hashanah are inspired by the shapes of the honeycomb, honey and apples.Etrog holders are made of flexible fabric, decorated with various shapes of oxidized silver, suggesting the symbol of...