MEZUZAHSSari Srulovitch / Gallery / Mezuzhas

The mezuzah case, which protects the ancient biblical text on parchment, tells a story of the generations, echoing the custom to touch the mezuzah. To honor this tradition, the indents in these mezuzah cases symbolize the human touch. There are...


SYNAGOGUESari Srulovitch / Gallery / Synagogue

Striped patterns are a leitmotif in my works. Stripes are often woven into the tallit, and tefillin wrapped on the arm impress stripes on the body. These are a source of Jewish ornamentation. Another motif is the shape of...


MEMORIALSari Srulovitch / Gallery / Memorial

‘Ayekkah’ – Where Are You? The Hebrew letters are cut out of the sphere. The word Ayekkah has been cut out several times, unending, like an infinite loss that is felt endlessly. When the bowl is rolled on the concrete...