Sari Srulovitch

I feel very fortunate to be drawn to the world of silversmithing. For me, to be a Judaica designer in Israel is the most natural career path I could have chosen. I have always been fascinated by the customs and traditions connected to Jewish ceremonial objects. I am constantly moved as I add my own modern, creative interpretations to symbols that are long imbued with rich historical meaning.

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Jerusalem-born Sari graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and the Royal College of Art


Her works received prizes and awards and have been displayed in many exhibitions worldwide


Sari's art has been displayed in Museums and Galleries in Israel, Europe, and the USA


The work is a combination of modern technology and traditional silversmithing

As I work with silver and other metals, I draw on both old and new methods in an expert and highly disciplined process, meshing them with my own emotions and internal world.
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Kiddush Cups
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